photo 1 was taken upon porting to Puerto

photo 2 was taken before departing from Puerto to Manila (sad)

my outfit headin’ back to Manila from Puerto

top & shorts: Uniqlo

bag: Herschel 

watch: Citizen

shoes: Vans

Sariaya, Quezon Province

(iPhone only processed using VSCO)

I was feeling blue a few days ago so I thought of going out with friends this thursday (july 4, 2013) we call em happy thursdays.

this is what I wore (which luckily didn’t get stained by vomit)

top - 21men

rucksack - flying dutchman

shorts - maldita man

shoes - vans

Nhxcoolee at the collective.

everything is sweetened by risk!

So I just decided that this blog won’t just contain blog entries of what I wear and the things I buy and what ever about me.

I would post OOTDs of some of my friends from time to time.


Hipsterdent (hipster + student… ugh I come up with the dumbest titles)

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  • lomography

it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog, so here…

we’ll my grey rucksack looks really abused so I decided to buy a new one from Flying Dutchman Shoes at their store at The Collective.

oh and next time i’ll buy a new case for my laptop and some film for my diana mini.

I’m having a hard time posting photos of my outfits cuz I don’t have anyone to take my headless portraits.

So I usually end up using an ipad and If I mount my dslr on a tripod and use a timer…. It would take me multiple attempts to get a good shot.

So anyway

The striped tank top is 21men

Morong Bataan (summer’13)

last few days of summer vacation well spent.